Hire Me!

Want to work with me to make something awesome?

I offer a wide variety of creative services!

Need something for you, or a special gift for a friend?

I welcome inquiries regarding illustration for personal use, including: 

  • family portraits
  • pet portraits
  • gifts for weddings, birthdays and other occasions
  • social media profile icons
  • original fandom characters
    (brony? furry? something else? no judgement, all are welcome!)
  • … and much more!

What about your business or the company you work for?

I welcome inquiries regarding commercial illustration work, including:

  • diagrams, info-graphics & spot illustrations for websites, magazines, brochures & other literature
  • “spot-the-problems” or “find these items” style illustrations
  • children’s picture book illustration & colouring books
  • poster designs
  • product artwork
  • repeating surface patterns
  • … and much more!

Or Maybe Something Else?

If your idea doesn’t fall in the above categories, you need assistance refining your idea, or just aren’t quite sure, that’s fine!
Let’s talk about what you have in mind for your project and go from there.

If you’re interested in hiring me, please contact me to discuss your idea.
You can see my CV here, my portfolio here
and I have a killer list of references. Just sayin’.