Craft Markets! A Bite-Sized Guide.

Craft Markets! A Bite-Sized Guide.

Craft Markets! is an 8-page black & white mini-comic written and illustrated by me.

The comic is a crash course on having a good relationship with vendors at craft markets –
whether they be at a craft show, convention, trade show or otherwise. Great for shopper’s swag bags!

I designed this comic to be distributed in the swag bags of craft fairs I attend as a vendor.
A modified copy (removing the parts about me being at the show) is available for purchase as a digital or hard copy by contacting me.

The comic can also be read below in full at a lower resolution. I hope you enjoy it!


craftnew_002craftnew_003craftnew_004craftnew_005craftnew_006craftnew_007   craftnew-table_008