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Allie Makes: Acrylic Charms!

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Acrylic charms have been one of my top-selling products ever since they made their debut in 2015. While other products along the way have been retired in favour of the new, my cute pet charms aren’t going anywhere soon – folks just love them! But what are they? How are they made? Well, these little “charms” are 3mm white acrylic… Read more »

Self-Employed Life: Self-Care for the Self-Employed Artist

As an artist, especially an artist of the digital persuasion, it can be all too easy to just spend 8+ hours a day simply glued to my computer, producing work and content. Self-care is extremely important to any desk worker, let alone artists.  When you crunch too long on any sort of work that requires your body to remain in… Read more »

Allie MacAlister Illustration: 2016 In Review And What’s To Come!

Wow. What a year. 2016 has been incredible as far as my career goes! Many successes, multiple new clients and venues, some mistakes made (of course) and overall, a feeling of happiness and gratitude. Before I go on holidays for a week to reset myself for the coming year, here’s some snippets from all that’s happened this year. I hope you… Read more »

Draw A Box • Lesson One, Part One: Lines

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Hey folks! In between work on contracts, client work, products for upcoming craft shows, and preparations for my busy holiday season (no pressure, right?) I’ve decided to also take on a small art practice program that I intend on using to improve my techniques. The program is called Draw A Box. Presented by Irshad Karim and completely free, Draw A Box… Read more »

Craft Fair 101: Dos and Don’ts For A Craft Fair Vendor

Although my day job is drawing things for clientele and for personal projects, I also manage an Etsy shop and on periodic weekends, pop up a sales table and put on my Craft Fair Vendor hat at various shows in and around the Ottawa, ON area. I’ve been doing craft fairs since mid-2014, and pet events/comic conventions before that. I’m no stranger… Read more »

Tutorial: DIY Photo Lightbox on the Cheap

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Today I’m going to talk to you about product photography, and more specifically how to build a photo lightbox. It will likely be the first in a line of articles on the topic, but this one will get you hitting the ground running. Though my day job is in professional illustration, I have a great time selling products featuring my… Read more »


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Welcome to my new blog! After months of preparation in my off-hours, I’ve finally launched my little blogiverse. Hello. Nice to see you! On this blog, I’ll be sharing a lot of neat things, including: tutorials & how-tos revolving around all the things I do – art, self-employment, vending at craft fairs… and more diaries of my day-to-day activities as a self-employed… Read more »